Monday 1 April 2013

Stash + stamps!

Managed to bag another two lovely girls from the KennyK digi stamp collection

Presenting Rock chick! And of course, much like myself lately... Madison attitude - the shopper!

Can't wait to get colouring!

So I did the whole scrapbook thing years ago, ended up moving to a new hobby as usual and gave up the craft and the stuff, well now I'm slowly working back into card making and a recent decision, scrapbook! So I brought a few bits of stash this weekend to start me off, it's quite nice being limited as previously I had it all and was very spoilt, I find with limited stash I'm really having to think about what I use and where... It's a challenge but an enjoyable one!

Managed my first card, I might enter into a few challenges this week.. Not expecting much but it'll be nice to get out there and maybe gain some followers and feedback for future creations!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter!