Wednesday 10 April 2013

Card prepping!

Who knew a bit of colouring in was so relaxing!

So I'm prepping for a couple of cards, both of which I intend to enter into two separate challenges... But more on that later!

I've just finished working on two images, one being a cute little Anya from TGF 'Cupcake Anya' I wanted her to be pretty cute and cartoon-like. I love TGF images because of how simple yet so eye catching they are.

Secondly I've just finished a KennyK creation, 'Rock chick' now honestly tells me that I should point out she was a learning curve for me, especially her hair! I don't do hair very well, I prefer my people to be in hats! lol but I'm semi-pleased with her, there are some mistakes, overloading the ink and having it bleed slightly in places, but I'm hoping once she's on a card, the focus won't be so strongly on her imperfections!

I hope to get the cards finished this week!
As always comments welcome!


  1. They both look amazing to me and you did a great job I've never been able to do red hair without it looking clownish lol beautiful coloring! I bet both will look amazing on cards and besides, who doesn't love a cupcake? :D

  2. Exactly! if all else fails - throw in a cupcake! Thanks :)