Saturday, 27 April 2013


Apologies for such a delay, ive been trying out some new things and awaiting my new best friend to arrive (and we are in love already!)

So ive had this image coloured for a while, because i bloomin love it! so funny... but i have really struggled to do something with it, and im not 100% happy even now really, but i need to move on and maybe come back to it later.

The image is from Redonkulous designs. coloured with my Promarkers. i used my new best friend Portrait to cut the sentiment and mats and added plenty of Candi to qualify for the I Love Promarkers challenge this week 'Square card with something round on it'

Im hoping to play with my magnolia stamps next, i have a week off work soon so im hoping to be back with full force!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The calm before the storm!

No card update from me today although I do still have one near finished, a matching box for my last project to start and some storage sharing for my rubber stamps!

However I'm losing sleep fast because I have the most lovely other half in the whole wide world ever!! (Yes ever!) I will very shortly be the proud owner of a Portrait cutting machine! One huge regret years ago when I left the craft was losing my craft robo, so I'm more than over the moon for this lovely new toy! I just have to sit and wait for a few days... Surely I can do that....

I also acquired a ranger melt pot, which belonged to my dad, he was also a butterfly like me and that's very much where I get it from. He was a huge inspiration to me in art and in life and I miss him dearly, unfortunately he suddenly passed away nearly 4 months ago....the melt pot was something he had, but of course, probably never used! So im hoping to dabble with that in the future - although I think I'm done for spending money on my craft for the time being, I don't want to push my lovely other half harder than I have already lol

Hope everyone is having a good week - hello to my new followers and welcome! I really appreciate the follow and do regularly check your blogs for updates :)


Monday, 15 April 2013

TGF crazy!

Back again with another card - using TGF's Cupcake Anya image I specifially made this card to enter the DTT (double take tuesday) challenge - this time it was a challenge to use, funny enough, three of my least liked colours lol! YELLOW, PINK and TURQUOISE. so I put my brave face on and gave it a go! and here is the result! Im quite pleased with it really, but moreso because I have a great idea what to do with it (see below for details)

So I coloured Anya with my Promarkers, added some pinks, a few flowers and printed and added the sentiment - seemed very fitting really and rather simple!

I will eventually also enter this card, into Crafty Cardmakers with a matching box, which will contain a cupcake! (funny that! lol) ive brought a box, and need to give altering a go as ive never done this - so watch this space for that!

Im also hitting up Little Fairy's challenge blog for their clean and simple challenge with this card!

In other news - my lovely lovely Prize from the blog hop arrived today - all the way from America - my Cheshire bean stamp! how lovely is she!! Cant wait to give her a go!

Im a happy butterfly today :)

Comments welcome as always!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Blog malfunction (user blaming tools!)

Apologies to those who may have tried to view my blog pics previously and found they were way too small! - I have now changed so all pics should be visable for people with normal eyesight and not just super-eyesight! thanks to ANDY for the info! while your here, check out his blog - some fantastic creations, lots of inspiration!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Easel? Easy!

So I pretty much, started, and finished my very first easel card last night. I enjoyed it, it was different from the norm. but it really did make me miss my craft robo, just for the ease of cutting my papers for my card, id have loved some fancy edging too but hand cutting that may have driven me to a breakdown!

Anyway, I digress. I did specifically make an easle card so I could enter KennyK's challenge blog this week. It was probably a 'walk before you can run' moment. but I love a challenge and overall im happy with it. especially as im still working with limited stash!

So enough of the talk! time for some action!

Pics below. I used some generic white card to make the folds. i coloured my KennyK image with my Promarkers. added a bit of bling to her guitar, and also added a flower tattoo on her arm to pimp her up a bit. I printed and hand cut the sentiment and coloured with markers, papers and card were all random stash scraps, flower was also from my stash and I used Candi to hold the card in place and in the corners

Ill be entering this card into the following challenges:
KennyK - Easel Cards
Passion For Promarkers - Cut Out Your Image

Comments welcome!

Friday, 12 April 2013


Okay, I thought I was being very clever with the title... Its probably not half as clever when you potentially have to explain yourself...

my 'Oh-no' combined with the word Magnolia........
Magnolia stamps... I cant get enough! They were a big love of mine years ago, before I packed up the craft and fluttered on by... and sold them all like slaves.... Anyway... i had some beauties.... had.... oh no, its HAVE now! (oh-no... the obsession has started again!)

I'll add a pic later but I managed to get my grubby stamp-loving hands on a few sets! older ones, but got a really decent deal from a fellow crafter who was having a clear out, I managed to bag three sets, off the top of my head i think they were the Summer, Spring and Fall seasons from the club....2008...not that it matters, Tilda and Edwin are so darn cute no matter how long ago!

I just need to think about some storage ideas now and stay away from the PC, especially the 'buy' button on Magnolais website!! I dont need anymore... I have lots... really, no more needed... okay maybe just a few (Oh-no!)

Anyway im chuffed as I can re-kindle my love and maybe enter some of the challenges on the magnolia blogs... as if I dont have too much inspiration and too little time!

a sneek peak for the next entry.... Easel card! First attempt at one... watch this space (please)


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Card prepping!

Who knew a bit of colouring in was so relaxing!

So I'm prepping for a couple of cards, both of which I intend to enter into two separate challenges... But more on that later!

I've just finished working on two images, one being a cute little Anya from TGF 'Cupcake Anya' I wanted her to be pretty cute and cartoon-like. I love TGF images because of how simple yet so eye catching they are.

Secondly I've just finished a KennyK creation, 'Rock chick' now honestly tells me that I should point out she was a learning curve for me, especially her hair! I don't do hair very well, I prefer my people to be in hats! lol but I'm semi-pleased with her, there are some mistakes, overloading the ink and having it bleed slightly in places, but I'm hoping once she's on a card, the focus won't be so strongly on her imperfections!

I hope to get the cards finished this week!
As always comments welcome!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Digi spree!

Absolutely chuffed with my blog hopping skills today, it's lead me to some lovely blogs and moreso, some very fab Digi stamp sites!
Not so good news for my purse!

I've brought the following lovely images from the following very talented sites - and believe me, I've limited myself to only one from each!!

I have card ideas rolling around in my head! Now I just need some time!

A very charming set from DOCTOR DIGI

A too cute stamp from SASSY CHERYL

Hilarious fun from REDONKULOUS

Not forgetting the cute Anya from The Greeting Farm

Follow frogger!

Doh! I'm hoping to gain some followers and comments and be as good as some of the lovely blogs I'm following. I suppose it'll help if I actually added the option for people to follow my blog eh!
It's now there and ready to be clicked!

More cards coming soon as I've found some lovely new inspiration!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Very Chuffed!

So im pleased to share that my first card, shown on earlier posts using one of the KennyK Stamps was chosen on their Challenge Blog to win spotlight of the week! im really chuffed about this and cant wait to take part in their next challenge! Thank you KennyK + Krew!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tidy tidy!

I forgot to mention, I did have a little clear around of my room at the weekend, trying to keep my paper craft separate from my clay work - now the room looks lovely and I really do need to get stuck in!

There's something I shall be adding to the wall this weekend which I'll go into detail when it's done, it's quite a special piece of art!

And to add to the excitement, I do just love storage ideas! So I was pretty chuffed to receive my Bo Bunny magnetic tins and strip today! I shall get other half attaching this to the wall at the weekend!

Goodnight blogland!

It's all so quiet....

... Apologies for my silence in blogland, I get most of my crafting done at weekends but I'm mainly waiting for some stash to arrive! Had a small spend spree and have some gorgeous cards and 12x12 papers on their way shortly so ill show them off when they arrive - other than that I'm just trying to get myself out there a little more, spreading some love on other blogs and following some really lovely ones.. I have a head full of ideas, just need some time to implement them!
Saying that, I did sit like a good little girl last night and started colouring one of my KennyK stamps 'Rock Chick' which is almost done... I'm not entirely pleased with it though and need a few pointers on a specific technique that I'm failing to master....


Monday, 1 April 2013

Taking the plunge!

So I'm officially entering my card into a few challenges! KennyK's challenge blog! 'being square' challenge and also  Crafty cardmakers 'Humour' i love the sentiment on this card which i made printed and coloured myself using a 'Humorous' quote I adapted to fit the card (originally Ice-cream was chocolate)
 So many great cards entered already and this is only my first so I'm expecting very little, but if really love to get out there and get some followers and comments!

Details of the card can be seen on my earlier posts

Additional love to spread!

In my excitement I totally forgot to mention how lucky I was to take part in my first blog hop over on The Greeting Farm TGF. I love love their cute little stamps and have a few digis I plan to use in the near future. Well i was super excited to see their new WONDERLAND release, my absolute favourite story is that of Alice and co so how great that they have released some little Beans to collect!

Well the good news is that I took part in a mini blog hop, and only went and won myself one of the stamps! Cheshire Bean to be exact! I'm so excited! I never win a thing!

Certainly worth giving TGF a visit if you love this range, I think I'll have to order myself Alice and the queen of hearts very soon!

Stash + stamps!

Managed to bag another two lovely girls from the KennyK digi stamp collection

Presenting Rock chick! And of course, much like myself lately... Madison attitude - the shopper!

Can't wait to get colouring!

So I did the whole scrapbook thing years ago, ended up moving to a new hobby as usual and gave up the craft and the stuff, well now I'm slowly working back into card making and a recent decision, scrapbook! So I brought a few bits of stash this weekend to start me off, it's quite nice being limited as previously I had it all and was very spoilt, I find with limited stash I'm really having to think about what I use and where... It's a challenge but an enjoyable one!

Managed my first card, I might enter into a few challenges this week.. Not expecting much but it'll be nice to get out there and maybe gain some followers and feedback for future creations!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter!