Thursday 4 April 2013

It's all so quiet....

... Apologies for my silence in blogland, I get most of my crafting done at weekends but I'm mainly waiting for some stash to arrive! Had a small spend spree and have some gorgeous cards and 12x12 papers on their way shortly so ill show them off when they arrive - other than that I'm just trying to get myself out there a little more, spreading some love on other blogs and following some really lovely ones.. I have a head full of ideas, just need some time to implement them!
Saying that, I did sit like a good little girl last night and started colouring one of my KennyK stamps 'Rock Chick' which is almost done... I'm not entirely pleased with it though and need a few pointers on a specific technique that I'm failing to master....



  1. Your title reminded me of the Bjork song and now I have it on the brain! Good luck mastering that technique. I'm afraid colouring with pens is not my forte.
    Fi x

  2. Haha it was exactly that song I had in my head when writing this post! :)
    Thank you, I'm sure ill get there with practice... And maybe more pens?! Lol I'm obsessed!