Friday 12 April 2013


Okay, I thought I was being very clever with the title... Its probably not half as clever when you potentially have to explain yourself...

my 'Oh-no' combined with the word Magnolia........
Magnolia stamps... I cant get enough! They were a big love of mine years ago, before I packed up the craft and fluttered on by... and sold them all like slaves.... Anyway... i had some beauties.... had.... oh no, its HAVE now! (oh-no... the obsession has started again!)

I'll add a pic later but I managed to get my grubby stamp-loving hands on a few sets! older ones, but got a really decent deal from a fellow crafter who was having a clear out, I managed to bag three sets, off the top of my head i think they were the Summer, Spring and Fall seasons from the club....2008...not that it matters, Tilda and Edwin are so darn cute no matter how long ago!

I just need to think about some storage ideas now and stay away from the PC, especially the 'buy' button on Magnolais website!! I dont need anymore... I have lots... really, no more needed... okay maybe just a few (Oh-no!)

Anyway im chuffed as I can re-kindle my love and maybe enter some of the challenges on the magnolia blogs... as if I dont have too much inspiration and too little time!

a sneek peak for the next entry.... Easel card! First attempt at one... watch this space (please)



  1. Check out my page for how I store my cling stamps you may like the idea! For the easel card, DON'T do it!!! (J/k) You'll become obsessed and without realizing it all your cards will have become easel cards, well that's what happened to me lol I have to restrain myself to not make all cards that way now lol good luck!

    1. Oh I saw that when wondering through your blog, I really loved the idea! Mainly because of the space saving! Even tho I have a lovely room to myself, I figure the more space the more stuff I can buy! lol
      Who knew easel cards didn't just come in squares! All the shapes and pretty colours... Oh im easily addicted to things, maybe I shouldn't after all!! lol :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your mag collection!