Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A little big rant

Ok, I'm gonna jump right in here and go for the heart of the matter.

I have been in a few DT's
I enter challenges with the work I take time to post
I am aware I am not absolutely fantastic in what I create.
Everything I create takes time and effort
Everything anybody creates takes time and effort
Entering challenges, premoting YOUR challenge blog on mine. That takes effort too

DO NOT come here as a DT member because I happen to be your assigned number to comment on and say Somethig WORTHLESS!!

Being a DT member is a chance for you to be inspired by others. It's about inspiring others and opening your world to new designs and people and art and effort. Embracing what you see.

Or maybe it's so you can get free stuff from the sponsors of your DT.. Well that SHOWS

I've left this for months now. Because every now and then, a DT member wil come along and say absolutely NOTHING about my work, other than copy and pasting a general 'thanks for playing along' and that's the better comment, commenting to say what a great card I have created, for example. When it's not even a bloody card. I made picture frames once... 'Nice card' 
Are you even looking at my work? 

We'll just DONT! I'd sooner you go take another number and comment on someone else. Saying nothing is actually BETTER

Slate me for this post all you like. But I will drop a challenge blog who has its DT members come and say things like this, I won't enter, I won't visit, and I won't encourage anyone else to.

Yeah, so maybe one person like me not visiting your blog is like a drop in the ocean, but I cannot be the only one who HATES this.

It's insulting

SO, as a DT member, read and understand now, don't comment here because I'm your assigned number if you can't show you've actually looked at my work. Even 'nice colour choice' 'cute bow' or 'like the way your colouring looks' it's not difficult to find something good in everything...

On that note, if you have read this and feel the same, if you place time and effort into making something and want some sort of recognition for this then visit DreamTime Designs Craft Challenge... (Link in my sidebar) this DT is full of ladies who DO take the time to look at your work, tell you what they love about it and make you feel glad you entered the challenge, all because they WANT to.

And if anyone wants to 'have a go' back at me for this post. Go ahead, I have held my tongue for quite some time about comments like this now. No more.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

DDCC challenge 3 - My technique + Christmas

Hey guys, SO excited for this post, go head on over to Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge to see our new challenge... if you have visited from there, you may have already seen my sneak peek which looks a little something like this:

So ill jump right in and show you the finished project:

Technique? well, our challenge was to create a project revolving around Christmas and expanding our skills, with a technique we haven't tried before but have always wanted to try...

well, me personally, there's always something i want to try! that's for sure!! so in this little project alone there is three, but my main one, and the reason i have kept the card pretty simple is not to detract from my main technique.... the background paper! Made it myself i did!

So HOW?? i hear you cry... with a glue gun of course!
So, i dont own any stencils, nor do i own the plastic type stencil materials to make my own... but i do own a portrait and i know i can cut just about anything i wanted to... but i found the only materials i had to hand, was card, and eventually, after using it over and over with inks and paints... it got soggy and messy, smudged at the edges, broke onto my work, just a mess....

So i looked around and spotted my trusty glue gun... and my heatproof mat.... and a lightbulb moment! So i drew pretty shapes with my glue gun, onto the mat, this was quite fun itself! I waited for them to cool and go hard, and lifted the shapes off... and there, i have my very own, re-useable, wipe-clean... stencils!

Then I followed my DT sisters tip to use my Distress Stains Inks, into a spray bottle... (cheaper than buying all those mists they sell!) and i sprayed the heck out of some card with my stencils... waited for it to dry, lifted the glue stencils off and i was in love with the results, such a funky design... and each design will be different.. depending on the card, the colours, the design of the glue... endless options!

On a side note, I also had a very quick play with some Shrink plastic, i used the one rubber stamp i owned, a christmas tree, added a spot of colour with my Promarkers, and then set my heat gun onto it until it shrunk... this can be seen in the lower right corner of my project.... i didnt play long with the shrink plastic, but i will be having another go in the future!

Another side note was inspired by a DT sisters first every project for the challenge blog - GILDING FLAKES... can i firstly just say, however amazing these little things are... they do get EVERYWHERE... see my 'Oooops' section below for more details ;)

I didnt have any stamps, from the tutorials i saw, you basically are meant to use special glue on a stamp, (like you would use ink) stamp it... throw the flakes on it... smush it down... and use a special pad to brush it all away, and your left with what the glue holds

Well having a shortage of stamps i felt REALLY restricted on what i could design... then i had another brainwave (thats me done for the year, by the way!!) i used my portrait to cut a snowflake and some letters, basically like a stencil on some card... placed the card onto more card... used a sponge to sponge on the glue (which is quite thick)... careful... removed the card, and dumped my flakes on... smush it down and wipe away... oh, you also really dont need to buy the special pad they suggest to wipe the flakes away.. i lightly used a normal sponge kitchen scourer (the rough side) it was perfect

here are my examples:

then i just cut out the snowflake and stuck it on - its real fun and shiny, the pic doesnt show this very well though...

So thats me and my few weeks - i LOVED playing, and theres more i want to do with the techniques i just touched on... along with i know my other DT sisters will be doing something i'll wanna try too!.... so i have a busy few weeks ahead and probably a massive christmas list for santa!

I coloured the image from REDONKADOODLES with my promarkers, I love the image and really pleased with my colouring here

I added some bling in the form of stickles to my letters, once again keeping things quite simple

Head over to my DT sisters, check out their work, and play along! no matter what the technique - try one, and enter! the prize is too good to miss! come on, we want YOU to try something new.... how can you not go play along?

Sponsor: Through The Craft Room Door Magazine
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Would you love to be publish and have a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to the store of your choice. You can do this by submitting a paper craft creation to the magazine - details for submissions is located on the web site which you can join for free.

Im known in the DT group for being a bit
silly... i making horrid typing errors that make me say things i dont even mean... and then i just say the wrong things totally... i thought my sisters would love to read how silly ive been during this challenge so here I go...
     TIP for Gilding flakes... DONT you dare sneeze, yawn or fan yourself with paper when they are out - absolute CHAOS... they fly everywhere!  
Also, dont get the glue on your finger and then rub your eye... gilding flakes will stick to the glue, and your eyes do not look pretty with the flakes
     When your using glue gun stencils... and your wanting the spray mist to dry quicker... dont use your HEAT gun to quicken the drying time... turns out, glue melts... lol!


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