Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Update after dissappearence .. DDCC + KennyK

Hey blog-fan's!

Must apologise for my lack of 'here-ness' I have had many a holiday over the past few weeks. However im back in action now and despite some holidays, ive been frantically working in my crafty room and have many a project in the pipeline

Firstly tho, I'd like to tell you theres still time to enter our challenge over at Dream Time Designs Craft Challenge... but while you are there, hang around a little as we will be announcing the new challenge in just a few days, this one, you wont want to miss! and im so excited to see the rest of my DT sisters projects but also finally reveal mine! i do believe its one of my best works with regards to colouring and also the challenge itself...  you wont want to miss it!

Ive also been delayed in wearing my badge with pride as, by looking at the DDCC blog, you'll notice i won DT sister in the spotlight! absolutly over the moon for my sisters to pick me for this, so thanks again to all of you!

On another note.... KennyK has always been a place close to my heart, my first blogged card was made using one of their images, and i just love them, i nearly fell over when I saw they were having a DT call... then i nearly fell over again when I realised i had absolutly no time to play along! but I couldnt let the opportunity go to waste, so instead, im taking a risk and entering my first ever blogged card into the call...  ok, so its pretty obviously it was my first ever card... id like to think the DT girls and guys will check out my more recent works too, id like to think i have improved slightly!! lol

Anyway, it won over at KennyK's spotlight when it was enrered (check my sidebar - still very proud!) So im entering it, just because I cant miss the call.... i just cant!! lol

Friday, 1 November 2013

Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #2: My Craft Room - Construct A Lightbox

hey guys - me again (who else?)

im here today with another unique challenge from DDCC

Heres a little info on the challenge:

This challenge revolves around creating a lightbox to enable you to take better photo's of your designs & / or projects.  It will enable you to eliminate items in the background & provide better lighting during your photo shoot.

So- being the clever girl that i am, i just hit this one head on, although a google search on 'how to create a lightbox' will bring up many many results, i had an idea how, so just went ahead a tried! heres what i did:

What do i want from a lightbox? well i want something i can keep indoors to take pics, especially with this rubbish weather, so it really had to be effective with indoor light and not just outside

here are my supplies

Cardboard box
sturdy white card
white tissue paper

 Take your desired box

Close up the back end so there is only one open end

Dont worry if your box is marked inside in any way - this wont matter later - turn the box the way you want it to suit your project needs

Using your knife and ruler, edge the box on both left and right side, your bascially making a frame on either side of the box 

Punch out the frame so you have two holes on either side of the box

now take your tissue paper and place it over each hole - secure with tape

You are nearly done!

Lastly - take some white card, this should be the width of your box but ideally needs to be about double the length, as your going to slide it inside so it covers the whole of the inside

Taadaaahh! a lightbox!

You can really play around with different lights, even colourd ones, flashing ones - light on both sides or just one - so many different effects!

here are some before and afters:







So, having never used a lightbox before, and although this really was just an experiment, i cant believe how different the photos have come out - im so impressed with how much the focal point lays on the images now and your eye is not at all drawn away from what you want your viewers to see, im using just basic house lamps, but im excited to see what other effects can be created

1 Has your lightbox helped you, how?
certainly has!! i think the pictures speak for themselves dont they? and such a simple set up, something we all have laying around, a box!
2 Are you using your lightbox inside or out
Due to bad weather, ill mainly be using my box inside, but it could sure go outside too to create different effects!
3 Are you using lights, if so which kind
Just bog standard lamps... nothing special, but imagine using coloured lights or flashing ones! wow!
4 tell us two tips about creating or using your lightbox
the first one is, dont think it has to be fancy! it doesnt look like much but it does the job

If youd like the chance to see what our fab prize is and win - visit DDCC NOW!! :)