Monday 18 March 2013

Promarker storage + getting started

Well, after my collection of 'just this small pack of promarkers' started to grow and need space of their own, I flipped around using many different storage methods!

From bags to boxes, nothing really hit the spot, I also was very reluctant, however nice, to purchase an overpriced storage holder from the makers themselves... So I did what I do best, I googled away and cast my eye on how other people stored theirs!

So no credit for this is taken by me, this is a fab and cheap idea and stores my markers perfectly! for the simple cost of a cheap DVD tower (ikea) and some blank DVD cases... A whole lot of love when Into the making of this, mainly because I found, when I took a pen out, the others rolled around in the row, so, although not totally visible on the pic, I made a concertina type sheet from cardboard which I could slot each pen into, keeping them firmly in place!

This makes finding the right colour perfect, which has been added to the spine of each DVD case

And yes, there are still spaces of which I do intend to eventually fill ;)

Thanks for reading!


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