Monday 18 March 2013

Introductions and formalities...

Hi, and welcome to my blog. This is one of those really boring first post where I talk about myself a little and why I am here. I'll try to keep things as light and interesting as possible.

So I'm here! New to blogging but certainly not new to crafting! I'm a bit of a Hobby butterfly in that respect and have a tendency to flutter from one thing to the next. If I'm honest, never really long enough to perfect anything I try. As my dad used to say 'jack of all trades, master of none' - that's me!

So the purpose of my butterfly stop here and this blog? A few reasons!

I'm lucky to have quite a nice collection of promarker pens, unfortunately they often go neglected and unloved. It's hard to tell, but I do actually love them!

Their so easy and versatile to use, the colours are fantastic and vibrant and blend perfectly together, I'd imagine the most novice of novices could get some fantastic results from them (speaking from experience here) let alone anyone who hangs onto them long enough to really perfect the art! (Obviously not speaking from experience!)

I'm hoping to start paying them some attention, getting them out and not being afraid to have a good go!

As for me, well I'm 27, Female, and having plenty of fun in my exploration into the world of colour, fantasy, and imagination.

Main use for markers are likely to be digi-stamps, another collection of hours spent drooling over all the fantastic images out there. I'd also like to try some manga and anime, it seems the markers were born for this type of art...

Im lucky enough to have my own 'room' which has seen one craft after another, promarkers being on of them and currently Clay-Art being my other (detailed in my other blog) - my imagination really can begin to add colour!

Please follow, comment, praise or give advice, it's time I started trying to perfect something!

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