Sunday 15 September 2013

Sneaky peek?!

Hey gang! It's all go on the craft front!

As you all know I was chosen alongside some fantastic ladies to be apart of DDCC  
I'm slowly working on what I consider to be a real ambitious image for the first unique challenge over at DDCC

Alongside that I'm having lots of fun with an image more in my comfort zone for my other DT position over at CCC 

I thought I'd show my face a little while these works are in progress and give a little glimpse, hopefully nothing is too revealing hence using some out of focus shots ;)

I hope you will join me over at DDCC in Oct 1 to hear what our fantastic unique new challenge is, and play along, my DT sisters and I are raring to go and spy on your beautiful projects!

I know some of my sisters are dying to know what we're all up to, but there's certainly some secrets going around too, and here is part of mine:

Over at CCC I'm prepping for my next DT challenge which once again, I'm planning on trying out a new technique, so remember to pop along to play with their new challenge later and return again in a few weeks to see my creation and our sponsors prizes :)
Here's part of mine:



  1. Oh oh oh...I'm the first lol You really know how to get our imagination & curiosity really heated. Love the colours. Hmmmm wonder what it will be. Glad you got time to create today. I had to sit at the pools blogging lol. So excited honey to see more. More more more lol. Hugs, Lisa x

  2. Argghhh I'm even more curious than I was before, if that's even possible!!! Although cleverly blurred, I can still see the shading looks fab and the blues are gorgeous. I think I have an idea what the blue bit may be :p but the green bit.....Not a clue lol. So excited, you've made me want to get on with mine so I can actually do some sneak shots to :) great sneaky post x

  3. OMG, so curious what's coming up next!! LOL. Mine still laying on the sketch. Will working on it asap :) Go Emmey! Can't wait to see the full creation :)
    Hugs, Mikha

  4. ooooo I am sitting here trying to work out what those images are!!! fab sneak peek ;) xx