Tuesday 3 September 2013

A dream come true at DreamTime Designs

Hey blog fans!

Only a quick post from me as still have some work in progress to show later

If you are reading this, for full effect you should read the rest of this post in a high pitch squeaky voice. Jumping up and down and waving your arms!

Here goes.... I have made it onto the absolutely fantastic DreamTime Designs DT!! 
Well it was one of those applications you put in, just with the highest of hopes, I never thought I'd be picked by such a super talented artist such as Lisa herself! 

And now I'm lucky enough to be working alongside some equally talented DT ladies - i am on cloud 9 right bow and feel really challenged and ready to up my game!

So, if you fancy a fab new challenge, with some awesome team members, and something a little different, get on down to Dreamtime Designs by clicking the badge below - you won't regret it :)



  1. Hi Marinda, I love your creations. I am very excited to be your DT-collegue at DDCC. Hope we have a wonderful time! Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hello Marina... I love your work girl..I am very excited to be on this journey with you..

  3. Hey Emmey ;)
    Gorgeous post. Love it! Thanks so much & I am so proud to have you part of our team.
    I hope you enjoy :) Big hugs, Lisa.

    Dreamtime Designs: www.etsy.com/shop/DreamtimeDesigns
    Blog: http://dreamtimedesigns.blogspot.com.au (Blog Candy)
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/DreamtimeDesigns
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamtimeDsigns
    Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/LisaWDesigns
    Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge: http://dreamtimedesigns.blogspot.com.au

  4. Hi Marinda, I'm just as excited and just as squeaky :)
    So glad Lisa was crazy enough to select me too and that I now get to go on this wonderful journey with you :)

  5. Congratulations to US!! I really look forward to working with you and building DDCC into something phenomenal.

  6. Hello Marinda, Julie here. I am so excited to be working along side you and the other girls at DDCC! Will be visiting here often! Hugs Julie xox

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  8. Hi Emmey lovely blog and fab projects :) excited to be a fellow DDCC DT member xx

  9. congrats to you sweetie I am so excited to be a part of this team with you and cant wait to see what Lisa has in store for us!!