Wednesday 10 July 2013


A quick wizz by to share my workdesk! after my describing last weeks desk as messy, and then seeing some actual messy desks, ive decided to not ever use the word again lol

however I wish I had taken a picture Sunday while I was mid-creation through my new magnolia card, it was a justified mess but i was quite conscious of the fact it was messy, i left it there because i was still working on a card but as I sat downstairs i was itching at the fact my room was a mess! so i have come to the conclusion i might be a bit weird lol i dont much like mess! i promptly went and tidied it up.... i cant be the only crafter to do this?

Anyway, not a mess but projects in mind, not started yet, My recent magnolia creation which can be found HERE... my new smash book ready for covering, have some fab ideas for this involving some of my new stamps also found on the desk, some magnolias, and The greeting Farm... a few cut frames for another magnolia card i have in mind, look forward to a spot of weekend crafting :)

off to check out some other desks, have fun all!



  1. Hope you complete all the projects and have lots of fun doing so! I don't have a work desk exactly so I have to clear everything away from my dining table before we eat! This is maybe a good discipline, but I do long for the luxury of a messy desk. It's interesting that you seem to be a naturally tidy person. That's not weird, it's probably a nice way to be. Julie Ann xx #55

  2. Happy WOYWW!
    Your comment on messy desks made me laugh out loud!

    I totally hate Tilda and Edwin, the Magnolia horse is nice though and some of the accessories!

    Cazzy x #123

  3. It's okay if you don't like messy. You are still a crafter. :-) I like the card and the frames will be a great addition to any project.
    April #107

  4. To each their own, and that is what WOYWW is all about. I go from really bad to keeping it cleaned up, like a foot on each side of the fence...LOL Comes from years of crafting and gathering stash!! Your desk is great!!
    Krisha #5

  5. I like to clean up my space, too. I keep things out while a project is underway, but I almost always like to tidy up before starting something else. Your card looks very pretty. Hope you get lots of time to "play" this week. Happy WOYWW from Laura #98

  6. Like the card in the background - great fun. Well done. I prefer tidy - ish!! Usually fairly tidy unless I really get a spurt of energy and make about 10 cards straight off - then it gets rather chaotic. However, best intentions go out the window for most of us at today when SO much stuff is there which I brought back from Dad's. Oh well...
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #66

  7. ACK !!! You look so organised - is that the minimalist look ?? LoL I have soooo much schtuff scattered about :-)

    Happy WOYWW .... sorry I am a little late :-)

    IKExx #93

  8. No I can't work in a mess and tidy it all away between each project. I know what you mean when you see all the other desks.
    Karen #63

  9. ps are you a Gemeni star sign?
    Karen #63

  10. The thing is though, in a pretty messy person in life, bedrooms a mess, leave clothes around etc, then ill have a mad clean up then it'll get messy again - etc etc lol

  11. Hi hun,
    Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog about my design. I agree that Zoe will feel better with having a buddy to go through all the issues with :)

    Great to hear that you love the stands :) I'm going to have to get busy on them lol. I will announce on my blog when they are ready.

    I just noticed on your profile that you are from the UK. Ever heard of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire? That's where I was born & bred till I came here to Australia.

    Gosh...I'm rambling lol. In regards to your post, you should see my desk when I am 3/4's the way through a design. It's absolute mayhem! lol However, I definately have to clean up when I have finished otherwise I would be working on the floor lol. One of the ladies above says she can work on 10 designs at a time!!! Is she serious? lol Man, I take my hat off to her. That's amazing :)

    Well, had better go otherwise I may as well write a book lol. See ya. Till next time :) Hugz, Lisa.

    Dreamtime Designs: