Saturday 8 June 2013

Back with a Flourish

Hi bloggers, back from my camping trip! wanted a share a few things but unfortunately this is yet another non project post!

although I have been away and unable to craft, its probably been a good thing as ive been in a hole! i haven't felt inspired by much, so i'm glad i've had time away so i don't try to force anything, ive also decided to focus my crafts, now im back, more around challenges that inspire me rather than just trying to enter as many as I can..
I also don't win any haha, and ive not be chosen for the few design teams i applied for, which im sure isn't anything personal, there are so many great crafters out there.. but im quite competitive and want to be the best at what I do so its difficult to not be at the standard I want to be, just yet. but ill get there! anyway im starting to sound like a brat, and I digress...

 i dont really give cards to people ether, so much of the cards I make end up in my folder, which is a bit of a waste! so im going to focus more on things i can keep and display, altered art, canvass, etc. my head is finally bursting with ideas so im glad i'll get some time in my craft room tomorrow

As a result of one of the DT's I applied for Flourish With A Bling, based in Australia, i received this lovely gift in the mail today and wanted to share, it was so sweet of them to do this - so a huge thanks, and check out their link if you haven't already!

until tomorrow, crafters



  1. I know what you mean, even though we are beginners I've had sour grapes lately also about my lack of wins too and I think it started to stifle my creativity. Great idea to take a break and not force things and also just entering in challenges that inspire you rather than as many as you can, I recently made that same decision, great minds think alike I guess! Anyway, I know if we stick to it we'll rack up some triumphs so good luck, I'm rooting for you!

    1. Hopefully now the pressure is off and we are back to enjoying our stuff, the rest should follow! im sure it will, ive just spotted your win on Anyone for Anya! wooot :) heres to many more, but enjoyment first ;)

  2. You so sound like me.I hardly do challenges and hardly ever win any giveaways or prizes.I make cards once in a while and they all end up in a shoebox,lol.So,I also try and focus on things that I really like to do.Sometimes,I do get tempted by all the challenges and stuff being held on youtube,but I promptly forget about them and end up not doing them.heh heh.I think you are on the right path.Do what you like,but sometimes its normal to wonder whats the point,why cointinue doing it.These thoughts come to me sometimes,and I lose my mojo sometimes.Does that happen with you?

    1. Exactly right Pall, when I don't really give my cards away and they sit in a folder I wonder why I bother, I often wonder weather to even stick stuff down cause its a waste or money for something to stay in a folder but I feel creating more off the page projects that I can either give as gifts or keep to enjoy myself in my home has helped me feel better and have my mojo back! I can't wait to start creating but it's a big learning curve for me now working more onwards altered art, new techniques and materials to try! Should be fun tho ;)