Tuesday 3 December 2013

A little big rant

Ok, I'm gonna jump right in here and go for the heart of the matter.

I have been in a few DT's
I enter challenges with the work I take time to post
I am aware I am not absolutely fantastic in what I create.
Everything I create takes time and effort
Everything anybody creates takes time and effort
Entering challenges, premoting YOUR challenge blog on mine. That takes effort too

DO NOT come here as a DT member because I happen to be your assigned number to comment on and say Somethig WORTHLESS!!

Being a DT member is a chance for you to be inspired by others. It's about inspiring others and opening your world to new designs and people and art and effort. Embracing what you see.

Or maybe it's so you can get free stuff from the sponsors of your DT.. Well that SHOWS

I've left this for months now. Because every now and then, a DT member wil come along and say absolutely NOTHING about my work, other than copy and pasting a general 'thanks for playing along' and that's the better comment, commenting to say what a great card I have created, for example. When it's not even a bloody card. I made picture frames once... 'Nice card' 
Are you even looking at my work? 

We'll just DONT! I'd sooner you go take another number and comment on someone else. Saying nothing is actually BETTER

Slate me for this post all you like. But I will drop a challenge blog who has its DT members come and say things like this, I won't enter, I won't visit, and I won't encourage anyone else to.

Yeah, so maybe one person like me not visiting your blog is like a drop in the ocean, but I cannot be the only one who HATES this.

It's insulting

SO, as a DT member, read and understand now, don't comment here because I'm your assigned number if you can't show you've actually looked at my work. Even 'nice colour choice' 'cute bow' or 'like the way your colouring looks' it's not difficult to find something good in everything...

On that note, if you have read this and feel the same, if you place time and effort into making something and want some sort of recognition for this then visit DreamTime Designs Craft Challenge... (Link in my sidebar) this DT is full of ladies who DO take the time to look at your work, tell you what they love about it and make you feel glad you entered the challenge, all because they WANT to.

And if anyone wants to 'have a go' back at me for this post. Go ahead, I have held my tongue for quite some time about comments like this now. No more.


  1. Go Emmey, Go Emmey, you are absolutely right! Could'nt say it better! XXX Cindy

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  3. Hahaha I only tease of course :p it wouldn't be me and you if I didn't hehe. I agree 100% it's so disheartening and I'm the same id rather not have a comment, than have a comment that shows they haven't even looked at my work. But then there are some others that leave me beaming and happy as you can tell that not only have they looked at my work, but they have also bothered to read through what I have written! ( they deserve a medal lol) Seriously, good for you and I know exactly where you are coming from xx

  4. Hey Emmey, I agree with both you and Sam. As I was on the DT for dreamtime designs, even though it was for a short while, I have REALLY started to take a good look at the cards that I comment on for Fashionista DT. I leave comments such as the one that you mentioned, i.e. I love the satin bow, mentioning things that I have paid attention to. But, I also agree with sam, as I have had the same experience where people have really read the details and left some wonderful comments and some no so wonderful comments.
    Well done to you honey, for saying what alot of people are too worried to say, although they are secretly thinking it hee hee!!!!
    Big Cuddles to you and all the Dreamtime Gals.
    Have a great new year honey.
    Jay xxx