Wednesday 14 August 2013

WOYWW #129

Well! WOYWW - I have skived the last few, because i have faced the fact that despite naturally, being a very messy girl, i don't like mess in my craft space, and i always tidy after each project, so there's been not much to show for my work-desk the past few week - however, here you find me mid project, oh no not one project, not even two - but gosh-darn it i have three!

this is the state of my workdesk today - i'm looking forward to finishing some projects so i can tidy!! and yes im also aware my 'messy' isn't the same as everyone else's! this is clean compared to some of the desks ive looked at today... but each to their own eh? :)

First mid-project is my gorgeous Magnolia Tilda dressed as clown - details will follow once its done but tried a new colour technique and really pleased with it - im looking for a real bright colourful feel for this one, itll be apart of my ME board eventually

Second is a mid-coloured TGF stamp which ive already found some fab papers for, shes Premiere Wednesday and im looking to bling this one out to the max to match her totally 'Diva' outfit
poking out the corner is a mid DT project which will also be revealed shortly :)

Hope you enjoyed a look into my world - look forward to checking out some more workspaces!



  1. looks good to me and I like doing little people I did some a few days ago. well they was new stamps so I just had too. :-)
    Thanks for sharing and Bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta #55

  2. Oh dear your messy looks like my desk when I have spent the whole morning tidying up !! Well I was never a houseproud tidy sort of girl ! :) Ali x #49

  3. I love a messy craft desk - I think it stimulates my creativity. LOL Your projects are cute. April #120

  4. Happy WOYWW! You will hate my desk then! I don't think that messy is dirty, well sometimes it can be of course, I think messy is untidy!

    Your projects look very pretty.

    Cazzy x #103

  5. I really enjoyed seeing your desk. Those are some really colorful holders (black with red circles). Glad I had a chance to stop by and see the fun things on your desk. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  6. I too seem to keep a clean work desk, I feel it messy, others would differ with me. Kim 26

  7. Your coloring is just wonderful. And you're right, your desk is exceedingly neat. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #17

  8. Amazingly clear desk - but if you feel it is messy, then I guess you are ready to tidy a bit. It all looks good to me - lots of fun stuff going on.
    Have a great week.

  9. Lovely work. As you say it's quite tidy compared to some - mine included :-) I try to keep tidy but it doesn't stay like that for long!!! Anne x #77

  10. this is so tidy.I should share my craft room with you to show you what untidy really am like you though.I cannot function in a messy space and that is why it takes me forever to make projects because I hate cleaning up.I so want a helper who will just go on tidying up while I work.Sighhh

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